Profane Existence #52-53



Abudctee SD, Appalachian Terror Unit, Chumbawamba, The Cooters, Fall of Efrafa, Happy Bastards, Nuclear Death Terror, Pisschrist, Signal Lost, Skarp, Visions of War, Ungdomshuset Lives, Subwar Collective, See you in Hell, Japan Diary…                                                     + 2 CD : Abductee SD, Against Empire, Blood Vessels to Wire, Brother Inferior, Chumbawamba, Discider, Endrophobia, Factor Faction, Fall of Efrafa, Fight Amputation, Guided Cradle, Krigshot, Leper, Mischief Brew, Misery, Monuments to Ruin, Mourning After, Mouth Sewn Shut, The Murder Squad, Nuclear Death Terror, Pisschrist, Polidicks, Poser Disposer, Resistance Culture, Rotten Fux, Saigon Distress Signal, See you in Hell, Signal Lost, Skarp, Smash and Grab, Terror Level Red, Voetsek, Murder Disco Experience, Wartorn, Happy Bastards, Migra Violenta, Cop on Fire, Blackout, Thought Crime, Today’s Overdose, The Cooters, Extinction of Mankind, Human Error, Iskra, Imperial Leather, Visions of War, Disrespect, Provoked, Behind Enemey Lines, Ass, State of the Union…